Close To Our First Harvest Season

So our first harvest season draws to a close - and wow, what a season! A few pictures below to show some of the final activity up at our processing station, and then in our store where the coffee is packed awaiting export and roasting.

A few initial figures from our first season - which has blown us all away by quite how busy, taxing and fantastic it has been all at the same time. In our first season:

  • We've put almost £10,000 ($12,500) direct into the hands of 500 farmers from across the mountain.
  • We've employed 3 full-time members of staff, plus up to 50 casual workers during the season.
  • We've made at least 100 trips up and down the very bumpy (and often hazardous!) mountain road.
  • We've had the pleasure of hosting a number of visitors from far and wide to see this new initiative.
  • Our biggest day of processing involved purchasing over 5000kgs of the best coffee cherries from more than 80 farmers. It was quite a sight to see the queue of coffee coming along the mountain paths!
  • And we've had an absolute blast doing it all! 

Now we've got a bit of time on our hands, we'll be filling you in on some of the great stories and people who've been involved in the journey so far...